Introduction: Replace Spring on Garbage Can Top

On spring loaded garbage cans, over time the spring can weaken so that the top will not open. This Instructable will provide a replacement for the spring.

  1. 2 screws about 3/4 inch long
  2. Washer and/or small piece of wood (used both since that was what I had on hand)
  3. Thick rubber bands
  4. Drill or racheting screwdriver
  5. Drill bit

Step 1: Attach Screws

  1. Drill a hole in the plastic can top
  2. Drill a 2nd hole in the sheet metal on the vertical rear surface of the top
  3. On the hole on the plastic top, insert the screw through the washer and screw it into the top about halfway in
  4. On the hole on the vertical rear surface, screw through the small piece of wood (or washer if you have it), once again halfway into the hole.

Step 2: Wrap Rubber Bands Around Screws

  1. Tightly twist and wrap rubber bands around screws.
  2. Test the tension by opening the garbage can top.
  3. If it opens too slowly or not high enough, add more rubber bands, but be sure that they are wrapped with high tension.
  4. Please see video for quick demo.