Introduction: Replace Touch for Microsoft 535

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Touch digitlizer is the verry sencitive part of mobile phone. It brakes by minor showks or falling on the surface.
It is very expencive to replacing touch from markete.
Today I will show you how to replace touch digitlizer for mobile phone by you.
Almost all mobile have same ways to change touch digitlizer.
Some mobiles phone have touch and LCD links togather. They have different way to change.
If the only touch in these mobile phones is broken, you will still have to buy the LCD and touch togather called LCD panel.
I have microsoft lumia 535, a few days ago the mobile touch was broken due to falling on the ground, while playing footbol.
But don’t worry I have minnor ability to repairing mobile phone.
That's why I will change the touch of mobile myself.
So lets start!


Things you need
• A screw driver.
• Mobile opner.
• A pice of x rays.
• Touch glue.
• A cutter.
• A soft tissue paper.
• A tweezer.
• Sum rubber bands.
• New touch digitlizer.
I have purchased from nearby markete In Pakistan, you can buy it from nearby or online markete.

Step 1: Open Back Casing

Open all screws by using screwdriver and open back casing by using plastic mobile opner.

Step 2: Remove Motherboard

Motherboard is a brain of mobile phone.
Any electronic equipment cannot work without motherboard.
Remove all jacks and strips very carefully from motherboard by using mobile opner and remove motherboard from casing

Step 3: Seprating Broken Touch.

Seprating pieces of broken touch is realy difficult task. And it require extreme caution because there are risk of LCD braking. That is why a lot of caution is reguired here.
To seprating braked touch from casing, we need a piece of x-ray
Try to insert x-ray piece between touch and casing,
And turn it all arround so that it disappears from all sides.
Then lift the touch up.

Step 4: Cleaning LCD and Side Surface

First cleane previously used glue by using cutter.
Then cleane LCD with soft tissue paper

Step 5: Fitting New Touch

Now its time to fitting new touch.
First apply touch cilicone glue and fit the new touch by removing touch protaction tape

Step 6: Fitting the Motherboard

After all previous steps now its time to fitting the motherboard because the motherboard is the brain of mobile phone.
With out motherboard we can't use mobile phone.And then attach all jacks and strips carefully by using tweeser.

Step 7: Re-install Back Casing

After attach motherboard then reinstall back casing of mobile phone and tight all the screws

Step 8: Finishing

Apply rubber bands for some time
Because we use touch silicone glue, it require about two hours for dry.
Now remove touch protaction tape.

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