Replace Your Viizzii Coin Cells




Introduction: Replace Your Viizzii Coin Cells

I received this vase as a gift from my son's in-laws. When I tried to use it- nothing happened. Suspecting dead batteries, I searched the web finding only that Viizzii stated the battery is not replaceable. Challenge!

Step 1: Get Your Pen Knife!

Remove the display band from the vase. Starting at the control button end, carefully begin separating the top and bottom of the band by pressing the knife blade between the two. You may want to wear protective gloves.

Step 2: Patience

Work your way along the band using the knife blade and twisting it to force the layers apart. Be careful to avoid damaging the circuit strip. You can work the two layers apart until you are able to slide the circuit strip out from the non-control end of the assembly. If you leave the very end of the layers still attached, it may be easier to glue the layers back together when you are finished with the cell replacement.

Step 3: Adding Short Circuit Protection

There are two CR2032 cells, one at each end of the circuit strip. You will notice that at the control end, there is a piece of tape placed around the edge of the coin cell. This appears to prevent the cell from shorting when the circuit strip is installed between the case layers. I put a layer of masking tape across the circuit strip to achieve this protection. You can see the yellowish tape on the cell I removed.

Step 4: Reminder...

Replace the cells with known good ones (might as well check them before you install them. Good cells should read well over 3 volts). Remember to place the protective tape either on the cell or over the metal points on the circuit strip.

Step 5: Testing

Once the cells are in place, do a quick test by clicking the power button. You should see whatever had been pre-loaded in as standard banners.Using the Viizzii app along with their website, you can change/add messages to be displayed. Complete instructions and a video are on their site.

As for fastening the two layers back together, I used clear RTV (silicon glue) as it will be waterproof and removable (cells run the display for just 20 hours).

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    2 years ago on Step 1

    Thank you! Great pictures and detailed instructions. Just before separating the two pieces, I made 2 pair of dots for alignment when regluing the two halfs back together.