Introduction: Replace a Wall With Corrugated Plastic for More Light

I live in a very unconventional space where plywood walls abound. One of the walls was built around a skylight to deliver daylight to the rooms below. But hey, I live on the top floor, and I want some of that light! I had a small window, but the wall adjacent was getting tons of light and totally blocked by the plywood.

I removed the offending plywood wall and traced its shape, then replaced it with a patchwork piece of translucent corrugated plastic (from TAP Plastics). 

It makes a HUGE difference in the amount of natural light in the room, and was super cheap and quick.

Total cost: $22.50 for 3 sheets of corrugated plastic. (I provided drill, screws, exacto blade to cut to shape, and clear tape to piece the plastic sheets together.)
Total time: maybe 2 hours to cut, fit and install the lightwall.