Introduction: Replace a Wing Mirror on a Citroen C3 2006-2008

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Replacing a wing mirror on a Citroen C3 '06 is straight forward but usually means someone has smashed one of your wing mirrors while you left your car parked at the side of the road.
This is the electric version, I'm guessing the heated electric version is not much different.

Tools required

  • Flat head screw driver
  • Size 20 Torx bit
    • I prefer a bit and ratchet as it gives more options to get around awkward corners etc. The bit I have is similar to this: Amazon link
  • Ratchet for Torx bit
    • My ratchet set came with a standard bit adapter.

Materials required

  • New mirror
  • Clear silicone (kitchen sealer works)

Time required

  • 20 minutes

Step 1: Remove the Broken Mirror

Remove the broken mirror
  • Use a flat head screw to gently pry off the inside cover (pic 1).
    • The mirror is held on with three T20 torx screws (pic 2). Unfortunately one of the screws and the electrical connector are hidden behind the door panel.
  • Remove the door panel.
    • There are three T20 screws to remove, one in the bottom of the door handle and two on the outer edge (see pic 3).
    • The panel hooks over the top sil by the window and has several plastic poppers.
  • Disconnect the mirror motors.
    • Press the little tabs (pic 5) and pull apart.
  • Unscrew the mirror and remove.

Step 2: Fit the Replacement

Fit the replacement

  • Remove the foam packing from the old mirror and insert into the new (pic1).
  • Thread the electrical connection through the car door and reconnect.
    • Turn on the ignition and check the mirror moves.
  • Screw in the T20 screws and tighten securely.
    • To get the foam packing correct took a couple of goes (pic 2&3).
  • To make sure it's water proof I used a tiny amount of clear silicon to seal the interface (pic 4).