Replacement Gate From Fence Sections

Introduction: Replacement Gate From Fence Sections

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I needed to change the gate on my driveway and wanted to follow the same style as the perimeter fence I was in the process of replacing. I ended up using pre-assembled redwood sections (just like the fence) I got at Lowes. Each section was 6' high by 8' long. This photo is from the outside and shows 2 sections of fence and an walk thur door to the right. I ended up shortening all three sections to fit. I had to dig a new hole and cement a new post. I used black fence hardware and latches. Time 2 weekends. Cost about $200.

Step 1: Hardware Closeup

Here's an external shot of the hardware. I modified the sections to use a door knob with lock and inside string release.

Step 2: Plenty of Room

The person entrance is plenty wide and an easy way to get inside without opening the main gate.

Step 3: Shot From Inside

Here's a shot from the inside looking out. Everything matches and it should last another 15 years with periodical termite treatments.

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    Actually looks like a very expensive gate set. Obs these are better, as its more customizable.

    Looks like it came out well. I've always wanted to have a hidden door in my fence...this would be a good way to do it. Just without the handle and such.