Introduction: Replacement Headphone Ear Pads

Replacing your ear pads can breath new life into an old headset. Best of all you can make it your own with a fun pattern on the inside of the ear pad. I have had this headset for about 8 years and the faux leather was starting to flake off.

Step 1: Tools- Materials


-sewing needle

-sewing machine could do it by hand if you are good with sewing by hand

-pins or clips

-Seam ripper

-old ear pads for patterns


-Faux leather or desired cushion material

-Foam or harvest existing foam if possible

-pattern for inside ear pad

Step 2: Disassemble

Pull the old ear pad off your headphones. Use a seam ripper to dissemble the ear pad for the pattern that will be used later. If the old ones are literally disintegrating use the ear cups as a starting place for the pattern.

Step 3: Make Your Pattern

The shape of your pieces will give you a good place to start. Add an offset to the pattern so you will have room for seams. For this pattern it had 4 parts. 2 that enclosed the foam, 1 to attach the ear pad to the head phones and backing material.

Step 4: Stich and Sew

First connect the inside of the ear pad to the outside. Turn the material over to attach attachment ring. Wrap the fabric around the foam and begin lining up the inside and outside material. Sew the 2 edges together by using pins or clips. I found that I had to loosely hand sew the inside and outside and then using a sewing machine to finish it.

Step 5: Attach Backing Material

Attach the backing material using the same technique as sewing the inside and outside material.

Step 6: Trim Excess Material

Remove extra material so the ear pad will fit better on the headphone. Reattach ear pad to headphones.

Step 7: Attach Ear Pads

Slip your ear pads back on your headphones and enjoy!

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