Replacement of Canon PowerShot SX130IS Battery Compartment Door




Introduction: Replacement of Canon PowerShot SX130IS Battery Compartment Door

The battery compartment door is the weakest point on most digital cameras as on my Canon SX130IS. One day through battery replacement I noticed a little gap between door and camera casing: one of the little hooks of the door was gone forever. I cannot remember that I have dropped or forced it but you know "Mr. Nobody" is living in every house around the world.

A short research on the net confirmed that I am not alone with this problem.

Check out the exact problem first: Are the hooks at the door broken or at the camera itself? There are 4 hooks at the camera (see red circles). On my camera two hooks were missing: one at the door and one at the camera.

Anyway I decide to give it a try and ordered a new battery door.

Here you go how you can replace it within some minutes...

Step 1: Tools Required

- very small Phillips screwdriver

- tweezer

- human multi-purpose device

- some silence and patience

Step 2: Remove Broken Battery Door

Unscrew number "1" and remove the contact sheet.

Unscrew number "2" and remove the black plastic piece (take care on the little spring under it).

Let the metal hinge of the door as is.

Now you have the pictured parts (put them away for future projects - you never know)

Step 3: Disassemble the New Battery Door

Repeat Step 2 but remove the metal hinge this time.

Put the part with the spring back so far it is not in place.

Step 4: Mount the New Door on Camera

This part is a bit tricky because sometimes the spring don`t want to be where you want it.

Put the door including spring carefully to the hinge in place.

Hold both parts together between thumb and pointer.

Push the plastic part of the spring to the left with your screwdriver until you see a small pin inside of the "L" shaped area of the metal hinge.

Still hold both parts together.

Take the tweezer and hold both parts together from above - you can release your fingers now.

Put back the black plastic part and hold it down before you remove the tweezer.

Screw in number "2" - it is easy to do with one hand when your screwdriver tip is magnetic.

Put back the battery contact sheets and screw in number "1".

That`s it - ready to shoot again.

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    3 years ago

    Even I have the issue.
    Let me know where did you buy the replacement.



    Reply 2 years ago

    well, I am afraid that both caps are not longer available from Canon INC. today :(
    Here are the part numbers:
    black : CM1-6599
    silver : CM1-6591
    These should help you to locate them on the net.
    Good luck!


    Question 3 years ago

    I'm on the same boat with a broken battery door. However, I found it quite difficult to remove the screws in your step 2. I tried different sizes of philips screw drivers (from 0 to 000) but none of them worked. Could you let me know your screw driver size? Thanks a lot!


    Reply 3 years ago

    I am not that "well-sorted-workshop-guy", so all my little screwdrivers are unsorted in a box. So I don`t know what size is suitable. But as my tools are simple and not high-end I guess you won`t need a special one. Insert one of your Philips and try to "feel" if it fits good or not. IMO the screws are driven into plastic and are "self-taping" - best way to remove them is to push the screwdriver with soft pressure from above against the screw. A combination of a little plier with some pressure can be useful sometimes to lose fixed screws.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Got it. Thanks a lot for the detailed information!