Introduction: Replacing 24v Laser Cutter Led Strip

my Chinese laser cutter has a 24v LED strip as a light source.

Problem is, that in South Africa, finding a 24v LED strip is like finding hens teeth.

I eventually picked up 2 identical 12v strips (identical is important for this to work).

and 2x13v diodes (12v would have been better).

the diagram(courtesy of the Electronics123) shows how we will connect this.

Step 1: Prepare the Wiring

Prepare your connections and tin the ends

Step 2: Solder Everything

Be careful to make sure the connections are good, but that not too much heat is used.

Test and then install.

Everything worked as planned. Some adjustment on the screw holes was needed. I got around this by using modified washes to hold everything. It would have been better to drill and tap new holes - Which i will probably do that if my Heath Robinson solution fails.

Let me know if this helped you.