Introduction: Replacing Bathroom Vanity - a How To

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When it comes to replacing bathroom vanity tips and tricks, the first thing that you will need to do is decide what décor or theme you will use for your decorating scheme. It may be best to browse through magazines or home-decorating books to find a style that you feel would be best.

Next, you will need to create a budget list and begin pricing furnishings. You can replace your bathroom vanity and stay within your target budget easily, but it helps to keep track of your goals and budget with a list. By planning your strategy and utilizing replacing bathroom vanity tips, you can ensure that your new vanity compliments your décor.

After you have chosen and purchased your new vanity it will be time to install it. Below are the basic installation steps that I use. If you are not comfortable with the plumbing part of the installation you may wish to get a licensed plumber to do those parts.

Step 1:

Turn off the hot and cold water supply lines connected to your old vanity sink. Then disconnect the hot and cold water supply lines. Then remove the sink trap. You will want to put a pail or small bucket underneath the trap to catch any dripping water.

Step 2:

Detach the sink top from the vanity. Most of these are held down with some type of caulk. You may use a utility knife to cut along the caulk line to aid in the sink top removal. Be careful not to damage the wall.

Step 3:

Then remove the screws that are holding the old vanity to the wall. Then remove the old vanity.

Step 4:

Measure the location of the drain pipes and water supply lines . Also find the stud locations. Use these measurements to mark on the back of your new vanity and cut a hole where the drain pipes and water supply lines will be located. Also mark on the back of your new vanity where the wall studs are located.

Step 5:

Place your new vanity into position and screw it to the wall.

Step 6:

Then get your new sink and install your faucets, drain pipe and any other plumbing accessories to the sink per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 7:

Then install the new sink onto the top of the new vanity with the proper silicone or caulk. Then reconnect the drain pipes and sink trap and reconnect the hot and cold water supply lines. Turn your water supply lines back on and check for leaks. Tighten the fittings if you see any leaks.