Introduction: Replacing Clutch and Brake Levers on Motorcycle

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For this instructable, we are going to be installing clutch and brake levers on a Kawasaki Ninja 650R. A friend of mine bought a bike a couple of weeks ago. The brake and clutch levers were bent and broken as a result of a drop. We are going to be using levers from a company known as "Ride it" for this instructable.


10mm wrench
10mm socket w/ extension
Flat head screwdriver
small amount of lithium grease

Total time: Approximately 20 min.

Location : Techshop San Jose

Step 1: Brake Lever Removal

Now lets go to the brake lever. Take a flathead screw driver and unscrew the the pivot bolt on the lever. You may need to use the 10mm socket on the nut underneath the pivot bolt if it is also turning while you unscrew. Don't let the nut drop to the ground or you may never find it.

Step 2: Brake Lever Installation

Now that we have the lever removed from the bike, we are going to clean the areas where the new lever is going to come in contact with other metal parts. We are also going to grease the non threaded areas of the pivot bolt to insure smooth operation of the brake lever. After greasing the brake lever and pivot bolt, we are going to install the new brake lever. Slide the pivot bolt into the housing and brake lever. Screw nut back on pivot bolt and tighten with 10mm socket and flat head screw driver. That's it we are done with the brake lever. Make sure you adjust the pull to your liking using the adjuster knob on the lever.

Step 3: Clutch Lever Removal

Removing the clutch lever is a bit trickier than removing the brake lever. But its still very easy to do. This time, we are going to loosen the nut underneath the lever with a 10mm socket. This is when an extension will come in handy. Once the nut has been removed, pull out the pivot bolt and swing the whole lever away from the bike. Now you can't pull off the cable yet. The clutch cable barrel is going to be trapped inside the lever. Find the slot where the cable will go through on the lever and slide out cable and barrel. Usually, there is a brass bushing included with the purchase of a new clutch lever. Unfortunately, this set did not come with a bushing. So we are going to use the stock bushing from the stock lever. The bushing is the cylindrical brass piece where the pivot bolt goes through. Slide it out the old / stock lever, clean, and apply a good amount of grease. Install bushing into new lever.

Step 4: Clutch Lever Installation

Once the lever has been greased just like the brake lever, re install cable barrel into the clutch lever. Rotate lever end towards the bike and slide it back into the lever perch. Line up the holes and re insert the pivot pin. Screw the nut on by hand onto the pivot pin and finish it up with the 10mm socket extension. Adjust travel to your liking on this lever as well.

Well thats it folks!! I hope you have learned from this instructable. I did this at Techshop and so can you!!!!