Introduction: Replacing Corner Light Assembly 2006 Ford Crown Victoria

So here is a quick overview of how to replace the corner light assembly for a 2006 Ford Crown Victoria.


Replacement Corner Lamp (this one was bought on amazon)


Phillips screwdriver

Socket driver

7/16 deep set socket

knuckle socket extension

socket extension



Optional large swearing vocabulary

Step 1: Step 1: Remove Outer Screw

There is one screw that is visible from the outside. This one is easy enough. Just remove this screw. Keep in mind that it is helpful to have a secure location to store the screw once its removed.

Step 2: Step 2: Remove Remaining Fasteners

Ok so there is only one fastener, but its got the spirit of 100 of them.

To access this fastener you will fist need to open the hood of the car.

Under the hood of the car next to the location of the light assembly there is a really tiny area where you can see the offending fastener. The space is just big enough to make you think it'll be an easy one.. trixy nut...

You can get on it with a (I believe 7/16) socket. You can just barley work it back and for so this is why you will need the knuckle and the extension which will allow you to more easily remove the bolt.

Once you get the bolt lose you will inevitably drop the bolt if you just took it off all the way. so in order to avoid chasing down a nut in your engine you can apply some tape backwards to the end of your socket. once the bolt is free it will stick to the socket. (this will also be a great help when putting it back on)

Step 3: Step 3: Remove the Light Fixture

Next you just gently work the fixture back and forth. You will feel it release.

Next you will need to remove a metal clip holding the light wires to the body of the light fixture. Just simple pull the clip up with the pliers.

Now you can twist the light plug and remove the light socket.

Step 4: Step 4: Press Rewind and Put It Back Together

So next is to swap the old fixture with the new one. The replacement I bought had a nice dust cover sticker over the light hole. The only problem is that the sticker didn't come off clean. I used my ridiculously long crack thumb nail to remove the sticker residue. (I actually keep my thumb nails long for this sort of thing)

Its necessary to remove the sticker residue because the light socket need to seal against the light box body.

Once that is done simple walk the steps backwards.

Replace the lamp into the box, attach the clip that holds the wire, place the light assembly into the car, fasten the bolt and then fasten the screw.