Introduction: Replacing Engine Mounts in a Hyundai Trajet/Sonata

The 2000 year of manufacture Hyundai Trajet still has its factory mounts. I think its high time for fresh replacements. A 2000 Sonata will have the exact engine so this instructable will apply to it as well.

Step 1: Supporting the Engine.

I used the car's oem jack to take the weight of the engine. A piece of wood was used between the jack and the underneath of the engine. I did the same technique when I worked on the transaxle mount. The aim is to simply hold the weight of the engine or transaxle during the replacement.

I included the pages from the Hyundai Service Manual for the replacement of the mounts. The bolt/nut torque values are shown.

Step 2: Engine Mount Replacement.

This is the biggest mount on the car and by far the easiest to replace. Took me 10 minutes to have the new one in. The old one was totally busted. I used my torque tool to get the nuts and bolts tightened correctly.

Step 3: Transaxle Mount Replacement.

This one was straightforward. The bracket on the transaxle had to be removed first by taking out a 17mm bolts and two 17mm nuts. Also the long 17mm bolt in the centre of the mount needed to be removed. Once out its clear the rubber in the mount has a tear.

The new mount went in easily and now the car runs way smoother.