Introduction: Replacing Factory Speakers 09 GMC Sierra

I wanted to upgrade the factory speakers in my truck & upon researching what size speakers would be the best fit for what I wanted I learned that I'd have to buy a separate bracket if I wanted to replace the factory speakers, well, at least for the rear speakers that is (but this will work on the fronts as well) & being that I am a member of Instructables I seen this as a Sav-A-Dolla challenge which I was ready for the fight but once I removed the door panel & took a closer look at the rear speaker I seen that my friends south of the border had already fought half the battle for me by making the factory speaker & bracket one piece & even better they used plastic so the only tools I'd need is a razor blade & wire cutters & made quick work of modifying the factory part..
As you'll see below

Also if you ever plan on taking off any of the panels in your vehicle I'd suggest going to Harbor Freight & spending the $7.99 on the panel removal tool kit.. It makes it SOOOOOOOO much easier to pop the panels off..

Step 1: Remove Door Panel

There are plenty of how to videos on YouTube if you don't know how to remove a panel & as I said in the heading invest in some panel removal tools & it'll go much faster

Step 2: Remove Speaker

Once you have the panel off you will see one bolt above the speaker & once you remove that bolt take one of your new panel tools or go poor mans panel tool aka a screw driver & pry to speaker bracket out (it is all one piece) you can either buy a harness connector or do as I did & cut the factory wire because the new speakers won't be coming back out.. Now you have the "speaker bracket" in hand

In the second picture you'll see the door panel hanging up.. I didn't want to disconnect the door handle cable because I knew it'd be quick work so I simply cut a wire hanger & found a preexisting hole in the panel & another one a little higher up on the actual door & hung the panel up so not to put any stress on the door handle cable..

Step 3: Cutting the Speaker Out

I used a razor blade to cut the outer foam circle & folded the speaker into itself exposing the wires connected to the cone & plastic hosing then I snipped them & pulled the cone away.. The only thing left to do now is use cut what is left of the speaker away from the bracket & for that job I used the same wire cutters I used on the cone wire..

Step 4: Installing New Speaker

Now that I've got the bracket cut out the only thing left to do now is drop the new speaker into the bracket, drill some pilot holes & screw the speaker into the bracket & reverse the steps putting it back in & your finished..
It took me twice as long to write the Instructable then it did to complete both rear brackets so it was rather simple & I hope I've inspired someone to think hold up do I REALLY need to spend an extra $35 on some brackets that I saw an Instructable on where the guy said it was easier than writing the actual Instructable the next time your thinking about upgrading your system because with Instructables we are indestructible..