Replacing Headlight Bulb 2005 Silverado

Introduction: Replacing Headlight Bulb 2005 Silverado

no supplies needed, just need a new bulb

Step 1: Remove Pin

remove pin from headlight housing bracket

Step 2: Remove Headlight Housing

remove headlight housing so you can get to the back of it

Step 3: Remove Bulb From Headlight Housing

twist the bulb housing counter-clockwise and pull out

Step 4: Replace Bulb

pull out burnt out bulb and replace

Step 5: Reinstall

reinstall bulb into the headlight housing

Step 6: Reinstall

reinstall the headlight housing into holding brackets and place pin back into the holes

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    2 years ago

    Thanks for sharing your tips! I always have a hard time not touching the bulb when making swaps.