Introduction: Replacing Light Fixture

Get all of the things that you would need to take the vanity off. And make sure that there is at least somebody else in the house.


Philips tip screwdriver, tape measure, and some stuff to put the wires together when you put them back in the wall behind it.

Step 1: Step 2 Disconect Everything

when you get the body off of the wall don't get all of the wires off leave them there.

Step 2: Step 3

all you have to do is measure it and try to put the new one in the middle because it might be a different size.

Step 3: Step 4

connect all of the wires that were with the other one and just connect them to the new one.

Step 4: Step 5

when you get all of the stuff that you needed to do done up it together and turn it on the do whatever you need to do with it like pant around it and things like that