Introduction: Replacing Screen on Nikon Coolpix S220

Do you own a Nikon Coolpix S220, or possibly one of its predecessors? Has the screen stopped working? You could have been running to capture the perfect moment and accidentally dropped it, do not worry these things happen to the best of us. If you have a broken screen and have a few spare minutes to fix it, you have come to the right place! These instructions will allow you to follow step by step to replace your broken LCD screen. It is quite simple and you will only need a few tools to complete it! If you want to learn how to complete this task keep on reading!

Step 1: Materials

  • LCD screen replacement

You can buy the LCD replacement screen for very cheap on Ebay or Amazon. It should be less than $10. Make sure you buy the correct size and model before purchasing.

  • Phillips screw driver
  • tweezers

Step 2: Remove Screws

Unscrew all nine screws on the outside of the camera using a Phillips screw driver. There are two 2.8 mm screws on the left side of the camera and four 2.8 mm screws on the right side of the camera. Flip over the camera and on the bottom there should be three 4.1 mm screws. Make sure to not lose any of the screws, we used a piece of tape to keep them all together.

Make sure to be careful when removing the screws as to not strip any of them. If you strip one of the screws it becomes very difficult to remove. But there are solutions to get the screws out if you do strip them so do not fret. The next step has solutions for stripped screws, if you did not strip any screws feel free to skip this step.

Step 3: Stripped Screw?

If you have stripped one of the screws here are a few possible solutions to try and unscrew the stripped screw.

  • Use a Phillips screw driver that is slightly too big for the size screw you have. Press down hard and at a slight angle and turn normally.
  • Instead of using a Phillips cross-head screw use a Phillips flat-head screw driver. Make sure it is an appropriate size and press down hard when unscrewing, there is usually enough grip for this to work.
  • Take a wide rubber band and place it over the stripped screw. Try to unscrew the screw slowly and pushing very hard, this will give the screwdriver more of a grip on the screw

Worse comes to worse, if it is only one screw you will most likely be able to open the case enough to replace the screen. If you can then leave the screw in and continue with the following steps.

Step 4: Open Casing

Once you have unscrewed all of the screws you will need to open the casing of the camera. In the case of this camera, we accidentally stripped one of the screws and were unable to take it out. As a result we could not fully open the casing, however it was open enough to allow us to remove the screen successfully.

Step 5: Disconnect the ZIF Connector

Using tweezers, carefully remove the ZIF connector. The ZIF connector is what is connecting the ribbon cables, which are connected to the LCD screen, to the motherboard. Although you will no longer need this being careful as important as to not damage anything inside of the camera. After you have taken out the ZIF connector you can easily remove the LCD screen.

Step 6: Put the New Screen In

Once you remove the LCD screen, prepare the new screen to be put in. It can be difficult to put the ZIF connector back in so take your time. Make sure the LCD screen is facing the right direction when putting it in, screen facing outward. Once it is in you will have to slightly bend the connector to get it to fit in the case.

Step 7: Screw the Screws Back In

Take all of the 8 screws and screw them back in.

Step 8: Put Back the Battery In

Put a battery in your camera as shown above and turn the camera on! It should be working successfully.