Introduction: Replacing Upper Control Arms (Honda Civic 1999 D15B).

The factory installed upper control arms on my Honda Civic 1999 are quite old and its time to do a proactive replacement.

The preparatory work is:

1. Engage Handbrake, Chock rear wheels, Raise the car and remove the tire.

2. Support the side lifted with a safety stand (no need to lift the car high).

3. Spray all involved bolts with penetrating oil and allow to soak for a couple minutes.

Step 1: Loosen the Flange Bolts and Remove the Ball Joint Nut.

The ball joint's castle nut I removed by taking out the cotter pin and backing out the nut using a 17mm socket.

The 14mm flange bolts are accessed in the engine bay, at the damper's tower. I loosened both bolts but didn't remove them as yet.

Step 2: Removing the Old Arm.

I whacked the ball joint bolt a couple times with my hammer to get it off the knuckle.

Step 3: Comparing the Old and New.

The old arm bushings are totally busted. The new one is compared to the old in the last 2 pics.

Step 4: Installing the New.

I coated the 3 bolts plus the knuckle hole with bearing grease. Installation of the new arm was the opposite of removal and quite easy. I used my car jack to 14inches from inner tire well to spindle nut. This is to simulate the Car resting naturally on its wheel. At this point I torqued the flange bolts then I torqued the castle nut to 40Nm.

Each side took half hour.

Now the car handles way better and I'm happy for this affordable job.