Introduction: Replacing Volvo Headlight Wipers Using Salvaged Blades

Headlight wipers blades (surprisingly) are a hard-to-find item at most auto stores in the US. They have to be ordered or purchased from a dealer - either way they come at a premium price. This instructable details the process of replacing the headlight wiper blades for a 2001 Volvo V70 using an old "standard sized" wiper blade assembly. Just the same, one could purchase a generic wiper blade assembly (or blade refill) from an auto store and do the job for very cheap.

To remove the wiper blade assembly on a V70, swing out the wiper arm, hold on to the wiper arm and pull back on the blade (from the perspective looking at the wiping tip of the wiper blade).

Step 1: Remove Wiper Blade From Assembly

To remove the blade, take a pair of pliers and slightly bend one side of each retaining clip on the assembly. It should be bent just enough to slide the old blade out. Careful not to damage the clip or bend it too far, the bracket will be reused!

Step 2: Harvest the New Wiper Blade

Extract the new wiper blade in the exact same manner the old headlight wiper blade was extracted.

After that is done, remove the stainless steel strip(s) that are in the wiper blade. All that should remain is the rubber blade.

Step 3: Cut the New Wiper Blade to Size

Using the old headlight wiper blade as a guide, cut the new blade to the correct size. This can be done easily with either a pair of wire cutters or a razor blade.

Next, cut the stainless steel strips that were pulled from the new wiper to be the same size. I did this by scoring it using a cutting disc on a Dremel tool and bending it (which actually made a very clean, straight break).

Step 4: Install New Wiper Blades in Assembly and Install!

Place the metal strips in the proper groove on the blade. Slide the blade into the wiper bracket and re-crimp the clips. Make sure not to over-crimp the clip as this can warp the blade; if you do over-crimp, don't worry - just undo it and try again.