Replacing a Battery in a Diesel Pickup

Introduction: Replacing a Battery in a Diesel Pickup

Step 1: Opening the Hood

Pull this release here to "pop" the hood. Next, slide this little lever to the side and pull up on the hood.

Step 2: Unhooking the Battery

Now its time to unhook the battery. First is to identify which terminal is negative and positive. Once you've found the negative terminal loosen the nut and pull the cable off. Make sure a wrap a rag around the bare metal connection so it does not accidentally touch anything it's not supposed to. Repeat for the positive connection.

Step 3: Removing Battery

Pull the battery out of the tray and set aside.

Step 4: Putting in New Battery

When hooking up the new battery make sure to hook up the positive cable first and then the negative cable. DO NOT cross the cables (negative to positive or vice versa). If that were to happen it would fry the entire electrical system and you would be screwed.

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