Introduction: Replacing a Broken Button on Electronical Car Keys.

About: Basically, I just really love duct tape and electronics. I've been fixing my broken electronic items since I was about 14 years old, and I've been obsessed with duct tape since I was 15.

Have you ever had a car with a wireless unlocking device, then one day you try and unlock (Or even lock) your pride and joy from a few feet away, and realize the button is missing? Well this hapenned to me in a slightly more exciting way, and had to carry a pen with me to unlock my car, this got annoying so I made this modification that looks better than the original broken button and pen.

This is my first instructible, so be brutal!

Step 1: Gather Materials

So all you need to have to do this instructible is:

     1 - Car Keys (This is pretty important)
     2 - Sharp Pliers
     3 - Dremel/Rotary Tool
     4 - Pencil With Rubber/Eraser on the end
     5 - Plastic Cement

Step 2: Prepare the Key

In this step we need to get rid of the partially broken button using pliers, chisel out as much as you can until you can jam either end of the pencil in the hole and take it out again with ease, then get your dremel out and just smooth off the edges.

Step 3: Prepare the Actual Button

All you have to do here is use the pliers to chop the rubber off of the pencil, and get about 3cm's on rubber for the button. Done!

Step 4: Grab the Lime and the Coconut and Mix It All Up!

Take the plastic cement and put a large glob of glue in the hole, don't bother about being precise and it only bonds plastic to plastic, and not plastic to metal. Finish up by pushing the rubber in there and it will take 24 hours before the rubber cannot ever be free from the button.

You have now repaired your keys and made them look different compared to all other car keys!