Replacing a Bicycle Tube




Introduction: Replacing a Bicycle Tube

If you need to change a tube in a bicycle tire and want to get the job done fast, this is the way to do it. All you will need are two flat-head screwdrivers and ten minutes of your time.

Step 1: Remove Bicycle Tire

Undo the quick release and disconnect the brakes in order to remove the tire from the bicycle.

Step 2: Get Two Flat-head Screwdrivers

The screwdrivers will aid in the removal and re-installation of the tire.

Step 3: Separate the Tire From the Rim

Insert one screwdriver between the sidewall of the tire and the rim. Pry the screwdriver towards the middle of the rim to take a section of the tire from the rim. With the other screwdriver place it about six inches from the first screwdriver and pry the tire from the rim.

Step 4: Remove Entire Side of Tire From Rim With Hands

Using your hands pull one side of the tire completely over the rim in order to allow for removal of the tube.

Step 5: Remove Valve Stem From Rim

Grab the section of tube with the valve stem and pull it out of the rim.

Step 6: Remove Entire Tube

Pull out and dispose of the old tube.

Step 7: Insert Valve Stem Into Rim

Grab the new tube and insert the valve stem into the hole in the rim. Put the new tube inside the tire in preparation for re-installation of the tire.

Step 8: Place Tire Back Onto Rim

Using your hands, push the wall of the tire over the rim so that both sides of the tire are back inside the rim.

Step 9: Put Last Section of Tire Back Onto Rim

The last section of the tire will offer resistance when attempting to get the wall of the tire over the rim. Use the screwdrivers to provide leverage and slip the last section back onto the rim.

Step 10: Inflate Tire

Inflate the tire to the recommended amount that is written on the sidewall of the tire.

Step 11: Place Tire Back on Bicycle

Loosen the quick release, place the axle into the guides, re-connect the brakes, and tighten the quick release. Your bike is ready to go!

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    7 years ago

    I see that you have quick releases for the tire, but a lot of people do not have these and have to use either a specific sized combination wrench or a crescent wrench, both of which would be better than screwdrivers. Screw drivers could possibly slice the tube, but if you were to use the handle of a crescent wrench and box end of standard combination wrench, there is no chance of puncturing the inner tube. I've never seen a tire where I've needed to use anything to put the tire back on the rim, but if you do, again the box end of the wrench would be a better choice to put the tire back on and avoiding punctures.


    7 years ago

    This is great! I usually used the back end of old silverware to remove the tire from the frame. I've had issues with screwdrivers putting holes in the tubes before.