Introduction: Replacing Spark Plugs!

Time to replace worn spark plugs! I bought iridium plugs for longer lifespan and better fuel economy.

Step 1: Remove the Cowling.

On most vehicles there is a cowling to protect the plugs. This one had 3 Phillips head screws to remove plus the engine oil cap.

Step 2: Assemble the Spark Plug Spanner!

I used a heavy duty 1/2inch drive and spark plug deep socket to remove and install the plugs. The extension bar is specifically for getting at spark plugs since it allows for a wobble with the socket.

Step 3: Remove the Plugs.

The driver bar makes it really easy to remove the old plugs.

Step 4: Stupid Design by Kia.

Two of the plugs were blocked by a wire harness. I don't know why engine designers do this crap for. Very very stupid design.

Step 5: Comparing Old and New.

The copper plug has a fat tip whereas the iridium has a narrow tip.

Step 6: Install the New Plugs and Complete the Job.

Installation is the reverse of removal. Tightening of the new plugs should be done with a torque wrench, or in the absence of one, just dont arm wrestle the plug!

Now the car runs a bit better and has improved fuel economy.