Introduction: Replacing the Positive Crankcase Ventilation (pcv) Valve.

The 16 year old pcv valve on my Honda Civic 1999 engine D15B is due for proactive replacement. The manufacturer never states a replacement period but I think a fresh valve will be great on the engine.

First thing is to remove the air filter. Using a 12mm socket I took off the throttle body and disconnected all connectors and accelerator cable. Now I'm ready to work!

Step 1: Removing the Old Pcv.

Each end if the vacuum hose is held by clamps which need to be moved toward the centre of the hose. Using my birdbeak pliers I gently leveraged the right angled port on the discharge of the pcv valve. I had to take care else the plastic body would Crack.

Once the pcv valve began separating from the engine, I used a flat blade screwdriver to gently Pry it out. The hose end on the intake manifold I had to cut free since it was stuck firm onto the metal nipple.

Step 2: Comparison.

The new one has the free moving valve that rattles easily when shaken. The old one barely rattles. This is bad for emissions control.

Step 3: Installing the New Pcv.

I rigged up a new hose and clamps to the new pcv valve. I had to remove the accelerator cable bracket to give me more work room. Carefully inserting the pcv into the engine port, I connected the hose to the manifold.

Reinstating the throttle body and fuel injectors harness, the job is now complete!