Introduction: Replacing the Spring Damper on a Screen Door

Well it is summertime here in central Ohio, and that means some pretty decent thunder storms. The high winds lead to dampers on screen doors getting damaged when they are blown open. This is a quick and easy guide on how to replace the damper if it becomes damaged to keep your screen door fully functional.

Step 1: Acquire a New Damper

These can be purchased at any hardware store for about ten dollars. The kit comes with the new spring and the hardware required to install it.

Step 2: Remove the Old Bracket

Unscrew and remove the old broken spring hardware.

Step 3: Install the New Frame Bracket

Usually the previous holes for this bracket are still in good shape and can be reused. If the wood is still in good condition insert the new bracket over the existing holes, and screw into place.

If the wood is damaged move the bracket slightly above or below the old location mark the new hole location with a sharpie, and pre-drill the holes with a drill bit 4 sizes smaller than the screws that came with the kit.

Screw in the new bracket.

Step 4: Install the Door Bracket

The holes in the door usually become damaged in the storm and won't withstand a new bracket. It is recommended to make new holes in the door. This bracket has many slots in it to allow new holes that are still at the right height to line up with the frame bracket in its previous location.

Hold the bracket in place, mark the new hole location, and pre-drill with a drill bit 4 times smaller than the screws.

Once the holes are drilled install the bracket.

Step 5: Connect the Spring to the Brackets.

Once the brackets are installed the spring needs to be connected to the brackets.

Slide the spring in place to the door bracket first. Align the holes and drop in the attachment pin.

Then align the back of the spring to the frame side bracket to the holes. Drop in the attachment pin.

Your spring is now installed. Your screen door should now operate as it previously did before the storm damaged your previous one.