Introduction: Replacing the Engine Mounts on My Honda Civic 1999.

The civic has its original mounts since 1999. I think it's high time for fresh replacements!

All the new mounts I bought off and they all appear to be good quality.

Step 1: Removing the Mounts As Per Honda Instructions.

The civic I own has 5 mounts. I attached pages from the civic manual to show removal and torque values.

I decided to start with the upper engine mount first.

Step 2: The Upper Engine Mount.

First step is the jack up the oil pan by about an inch. I used a piece of wood between the jack and the oil pan.

I applied power lube on all bolts for this job.

The upper bracket I removed using a 17mm socket. The 14mm bolts holding the mount I also took out.

You can see the old and new mounts. Putting the new mount in had an odd issue. The power steering reservoir bracket prevented the new mount from lining up with the chassis holes. I removed one 10mm bolt from the bracket and pivoted it away from the mount.

The upper bracket went back on and proper torque was applied.

Step 3: The Transmission Mount.

The base of the transmission was jacked up an inch similar to the previous step.

This mount was the easiest to replace and took about 20 minutes.

Step 4: The Rear Mount.

This one was tricky. With the transmission still supported by the car jack I removed 3 short bolts and 1 long one.

The easiest way to install the new mount is to put the long bolt back in then install the 3 small bolts. I used a screwdriver to help align the chassis holes after the long bolt was screwed in.

Torque was applied after all the bolts were snug.

Step 5: The Lower Right Mount.

The plastic guard had to be pulled back. The centre bolt nut plus two 14mm bolts were removed. Three 17mm bolts were loosened on the transmission. 2 were removed allowing the assembly to pivot down.

Old and new comparison again. Installing the new was the reverse of removal.

Step 6: The Lower Left Mount.

This mount was a nightmare to install. The old one was torn. The nut was seized onto the bolt. Took some skills to get it off. This is why I don't trust mechanics to do a proper job. They always leave a surprise inside.

Putting the bolt back into the engine, I tightened it as tight as I could. I don't want it coming out the next time I loosen the mount holding nut. Once the bolt was in place it is impossible to slip the new mount onto it. There is a flange of sub frame metal blocking the mount. Why did honda design the car like this? A trick to get the clearance needed is to loosen the engine mount right above. Just loosen the 2 nuts on the upper bracket to allow the engine to drop 1.5 inch lower.

Once the mount was installed the two bolts and holding nut was torqued.

Now the car vibrates far less and I'm quite happy with the installation!