Introduction: Replacing/Changing Lacrosse Stick Shooting Strings

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I have played lacrosse for about 4 years now, and it just dawned upon me that I didn't know how to string the shooting strings of a lacrosse stick. These are the thick strings that you see going across the mesh of the stick. Here I will post a step by step how to of me stringing my little brothers old unused stick. The last step is just pictures of me stringing my other brother's old stick. (ou know how it is, if one gets something, the other wants it also.)

Step 1: Remove the Old Strings

Take out the old shooting strings, starting with untying the knot. Then just feed the strings back though the mesh until it is only in one hole, and pull it out. Do this with all of the shooting strings.

Step 2: Start Stringing

Put the new string in the empty sidewall hole (or just through the mesh on the very far side.) Pull the ends until the lengths are about even. Decide on a stringing pattern or style, and mentally note where the shooting string should go. I just use the average 3 string style. For every hole in the mesh where you want the string, push the top string through downward, while pushing the lower string through the same hole. Do this for every hole across the mesh. If there are any imperfections or mess ups, just go re-do the stringing.

Step 3: Tying the Knot

When you get to the opposite sidewall, and your strings are looking good, push the string that is inside the head through either an empty sidewall hole or through the far hole in the mesh. Both strings should be protruding through the backside of the mesh. Then tie off the strings in a simple knot or two.

Step 4: Continue

Do this with the rest of the strings also.

Step 5: Deepen the Pocket?

if you need to deepen the pocket, you can pound it in with the butt of another lacrosse stick. You can also soak it in water, put a ball in it and secure it, and leave it in overnight.If the top of the ball is visible when the lowest parts of the head line up, your head is illegal.

Step 6: Grip?

Many cheap sticks have no grip. Putting on a little tape will help with this.

Step 7: Video

Here is a video. It kind of stinks, but I tried.

Step 8: The Other Stick

This is another stick that I strung. Im not sure if it will work, because this stick is old and beat up, and was also dirt cheap to begin with. The first four pics are of the before, and the rest of the after. This stick had a very strange string job (that can be seen in the first pic), with a completely different method holding the shooting strings to the mesh. I just did the normal lower comes up, upper goes down through the same hole, all the way across the head.