Replanting the Plants




Introduction: Replanting the Plants

Our plants are growing up very healthily, so we replanted them in bigger pots:D
These are what you need: New plnat pots, dirt, water, and plants!

Step 1: Prepare the Plants

These are the plants we planted three weeks ago. They are growing very well:) Some plants are at the edge of the plant pot and there is no enough space for plants to grow.

Step 2: Put the Dirt in the New Pot

Before lifting the plants out, put the dirt in another pot. Then make a space by a stick or your finger.
Don't push the dirt, or you might be hard to replant!

Step 3: Replant the Plants in the New Pot

Lift the plants out of their pots and plant them in the pots you prepared. Be careful when you replant! You could break the roots.               
Then, plant them in the new pots you prepared. Be sure not to push the dirt.

Step 4: Keep the Plants Warm

After replanting, water them and keep warm.
We hope them growing healthy:D

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