Introduction: Report - Driver Performance Monitor

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Report!? What is that?
Is an electronic device that collects data from trucks in real time and use them to generate a report about how the truck was conducted during the trip showing it on an Iot platform for fleet managers. Our goal is to collaborate with a more economical and safe driving, pointing out the fundamentals that truck drivers can optimize reducing maintenance costs, fuel consumption and collaborating to the environment preservation.

Who are working on that project?

Bernardo Polese (;

Emanuel Baldissera (;

Thiago Benvegnú (


- Material;

- Listening the vehicle;

- Try to understand your vehicle;

- How the Report works;

- Action!

Step 1: Material


- 1x PCB RPT V1 (Hardware developed by Quad Tecnologia) or another embedded system that allows you to read CAN BUS;

- 1x UMTS & LTE EVB Kit (Quectel link);

- 1x UG96 (Quectel link);


- 1x Osciloscope (Better) or Multimeter;

- 1x Cutting Pliers;

- Screwdrivers (To open truck pannel)


- Cables;

- SIM card.

Last but not least:

- A truck (or a Simulator).

Step 2: Listening the Vehicle

Most of vehicles are equipped with one or more Electronic Control Units (ECUs) that communicates with most of vehicle electronic modules through two twisted wires called CAN bus. That is a bless!!! Because connecting an embedded device on this bus we are able to "listen" these data.
A first challenge is to find that bus on vehicle, some vehicles provides a special connector to connect this kind of device but sometimes is necessary to open the pannel and find the CAN bus wires (CAN high and CAN low).

Opening the pannel you will see a lot of wires and to discover wich are the CAN bus is necessary to use a tool like an oscilloscope to see the can pulses that ocillates between 2.5V and 5V for CAN high or between 0V and 2.5V for CAN low. If an oscilloscope is not available is possible to try it using a Multimeter to mesure the wire voltage that is something near to 2.6V for CAN-H and 2.4V on CAN-L.

Connected to the correct wires the embedded device (RPT V1 or similar) will read the vehicle data..... but this vehicles are like humans.... they say a lot of things and just a little part of that are the useful informations.

Step 3: Try to Understand Your Vehicle

Now we are listening, but to understand the vehicle is necessary to translate the read data. Most of packets received are interpreted according to the SAE J1939 standard, so following this standard is possible to "understand" what vehicle electronic modules are "talking". In some cases these modules do not follow recommended standards, so it is necessary to discover how to translate they data and that is a hard work that diserves a specific instructable.

After translating, is easy to understand the collected data. But what makes the Report special is that the data is used in real-time to generate lots of useful information about the vehicle driving. An example is available at:

Including the truck driver grades based on their performance.

Step 4: How the Report Works

Report is a solution composed by a combination of an embeded system that integrates vehicle data and connects to Iot through a module BG96 supplied by Quectel. This module is simple, easy to use via AT commands and match perfectly with RPT module and completing our solution providing 2G/3G/4G connection and GPS position.
The images shows the system diagram and a fluxogram explaning the firmware behaivour.

Step 5: Action!

Just a video (in portuguese) explaining the advantages provided by this device and a demonstration of it working.

We are open for suggestions or questions....
Thanks for read our instructable! We and hope that it helped in any way!