Introduction: Reproduce a Spoke Lock Key

I bought a vintage bicycle with a spoke lock, unfortunately without the key but luckily it wasn't locked.

You can only reproduce the key with the original key OR when the spoke lock is unlocked!

I don't know how to unlock a lock without a key and it wouldn't be wise to describe it...

Step 1: What You Need

The key material is from a old PC case, I used the side with the flanged edge.

To cut the metal I used my Dremel with the cutting blade.
I cleaned the edges with the sandpaper head.

And I also used my safety gear!

Step 2: Unscrew the Lock

You can only unscrew the lock while it is unlocked!

Step 3: Bend the Retaining Collars

First you have to bend the two retaining collars on the right side.
I used a small flat head screw.

Step 4: Locking Bar

Now you can press the spring plate down and slide the locking bar out.
You can press it in the middle or at the sides.

Step 5: Measure the Lockholes

Next you can measure the holes and reproduce the key.

Step 6: The Key

Here is my key, it works but it's a little bit tricky...

Step 7: Key Improvement

I totally recommend the red area, the key could only get in the switch position and not deeper.
The blue areas would hold the key while opening the lock and they would reduce the force on the lock pins.

Step 8: Reassemble and Test It!

Before you reassemble the lock on the frame make sure you bend the retaining collars back in position.
I used my Leatherman.

enjoy your lock ;)