Introduction: Republic Commando Backpack

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finally i've finished my armor, the last task was to craft a backpack. Here it is, one more instructable

Step 1: Starting Work

Materials you need:
1) PVC plastic
2) super glue
3) paint
4) primer
5) PVC tubes
6) electronics
7) pepakura and model of backpack

Step 2: Nothing Special

The first thing you need is to print patterns using pepakura and to craft a basis out of PVC. I've found in the internet only standart RC backpack, but later i decided to make a Scorch-style one, so i draw patterns of additional details which are obligatory for tubes. Theese tubes you can made out of PVC tubes, bought in any hardware store

Step 3: Additional Electronics

You can add any LEDs, i've made lights in "tubes" and in indicator

Step 4: After That You Can Paint It, Make Some Weathering and Battle Damage. Thank You for Attention, Good Luck in Craft!