Repurpose a CD Visor Organizer

Introduction: Repurpose a CD Visor Organizer

I found this CD Visor Organizer that is no longer needed, but did not want to throw it away. I also had some extra picture hanging strips. Here is how I repurposed the CD organizer into a recipe organizer.

Step 1: Remove Elastic

Remove the elastic on the back of the CD organizer. I just cut them off with a scissors. You could probably leave them on, but then they would just get in the way.

Step 2: Add Picture Strips

I then attached 2 sets of picture hanging strips to the back of the CD organizer. I attached this to the back of one of my cupboards in my kitchen. This way recipes are out of site, but easily accessible.

Step 3: Add Recipes

I use index cards for my recipes. These fit nicely into the CD slots. I don't have too many recipes yet, so this isn't a huge improvement, but is still better than riffling through all the recipes. In the future I will probably add some colors to the index cards to organize my recipes into categories. I also thought this would be a good idea for organizing mail or other small papers like receipts. This project took less than 5 minutes, so think twice before you throw out that old CD visor organizer.

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    6 years ago

    I love using inside my cabinets for storage! Great idea!