Repurposed Ceiling Light




Introduction: Repurposed Ceiling Light

In this Instructable I will show you the steps I took to re-purpose an old ceiling light I bought from my local thrift warehouse.

Step 1: Dismantle

The glass fixtures were in great shape, and thought they would look even better spaced out in a line instead of four corners.

Each light was held on by a skinny bolt and washer.

I took apart everything and gave it a good clean.

Step 2: Choose Your New Material

I ended up reusing everything on the original lamp except the base.

I went with pallet board for the base keeping with the re-use theme.

I spaced the four fixtures over the 4' board so the lights would give off a nice glow.

Step 3: Hiding the Wires

I built a smaller box on top to hide the wires and allow me to send the wires up one ceiling support.

Step 4: Hiding the Wires

Next install the top boards to attach the ceiling supports too.

Step 5: Ceiling Supports

I cut 3/4" black iron for ceiling supports and spray painted them black.

I also added a sealer to the wood, bought some Edison bulbs and, ended up with a steam punk look.

Step 6: The Finished Product

Just needs a better home than the shop.

Would look great in a kitchen or bar.

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    6 years ago

    Install a Cool white Led bulb, fill'em up with clear stones, marbles whatever and hang'em staggered in close proximity to your gravitational settling space. Most pretentious remark swings 1st turning them into Pinatas'.. Any guesses as to what the globes were in a previous life? Original fixtures, as I've sold many to many customers, I believe allow me to leave a hint I was there and they never know it.The fixture looks great. Implication of huge backstory is final fabrication for completion. My dining room houses 600 lbs. of formal Dining Room table, 12 leaves, seats 16, the center supported by an absolutely unbelievable French carving of the forearms of African Lions ending with magnificent Ball and Claw footings. This splits when accommodating the Queen in order to support the tripled in length table. My wife swears the pronounced marks in the table surface, at the edge, portray the teeth of the horses held in the hold which nervously chewed on her Great Grand mothers table on board ship from France and it has increased value of said monstrosity. Long story short, give it a story and pass it on for generations!



    6 years ago on Introduction

    Would have made great pendants. Yes they deserve better than the work shop.