Introduction: Repurposed Material Bench

This bench was built using a variety of recycled and repurposed materials.

Step 1: Materials

Wood: 2 pieces 45 1/4th in long

4 pieces 23 7/8th in long


4 metal legs


Exterior fabric

Step 2: Tools

Box cutter/X-Acto knife

Saw (Circular power saw, hacksaw or handsaw can be used)

Drill/Screwdriver and screws

Butterfly screws

Staple gun



Step 3: Prepare the Base

1: Rest the pallet upside down on a large table or working surface

2: Place a metal leg on each of the four corners of the pallet

3: Drill through the three holes on each leg

4: Insert screws and attach/fasten butterflies with the drill

5: Flip the pallet back on its front side and allow it to rest on the ground being supported by its fastened legs

Step 4: Prepare the Sitting Area

1: Trace the cut lines at 45.25 in and 23 7/8th in on the wood using a pencil and a ruler

2: Cut the 2 pieces 45.25 in long and cut the 4 pieces 23 7/8ths in long

3: Place the 2 45.25 in long pieces on the table parallel to one another

4: Place the 4 23 7/8th in pieces in between the 2 parallel pieces

Step 5: Build the Sitting Area

1: Drill 2 screws through the side of the 45.25 in long piece in order to attach it to the 23 7/8th in long piece

2: Repeat step one at every point pieces of wood meet/touch

3: Trace the cut lines on the top of the sitting area using a pencil and rule

4: Cut the 45.25 in x 23 7/8th in top using the circular saw

5: Place the cut top over the assembled frame

6: Drill and insert screws at every corner of the top in order to attach it to the frame

Step 6: Add Padding and Exterior Material

1: Wrap the completed sitting area in a blanket or padding

2: Use tension to pull the material over the sitting area and attach it to the wood by using a staple gun

3: Staple the material to all four sides of the sitting area

4: Use a box cutter to remove the remaining material

5: Repeat the same process to add the second and final exterior layer of material

Step 7: Attach the Sitting Area to the Base

1: Place the sitting area upside down on the table

2: Place the base on top

3: Drill and insert a screw in each of the four corners of the base to attach it to the sitting area

4: Add an additional screw in between each corner providing additional support

Step 8: Finalize Bench

1: Flip over the bench so it rests on its four legs

2: Closely examine the bench for any errors and inconsistencies

3: Dust off and clean the bench

4: You have successfully completed your bench!

Step 9: Time Lapse of the Building Process