Introduction: Repurposed Shoe Shine Sponge

This may not sound like a new idea, but being very frugal minded and the love for recycling and repurposing things that otherwise end in a landfill, I repurpose shoe shine sponges to get the shine on my dress shoes.

We have all purchased those instant shoe shine sponges and believe it or not, just after a few uses, say 5 at the most, the lanolin in the sponge is gone and all that remains is a dry sponge,that ends in the trash. So while the sponges may not be very expensive, say $6 or $7 fro a renowned brand to a few bucks for the lesser known brands, that all are the same.

Step 1: Materials

1. Old used shoe shine sponges

2. Bottle of Virgin Olive Oil

3. Shoes

Step 2: Instructions

Dab about 20 odd drops of Virgin Olive oil (don't need the expensive variety, as even the cheaper dollar store brand is good) across the surface of the used shoe shine sponge.

With your forefinger lightly spread it evenly across the entire surface. Do not saturate with too much oil, as it will only drip off. Wipe the dust of your shoes, since you don't want scratches on your expensive leather.

Use the shoe shine sponge dabbed with the olive oil and spread it evenly across the surface of the shoe, and you will see an instantaneous shine and gleam on your shoes, just like getting them professionally shined for $20. Apply a second coat as needed to get the desired shine.

20 drops of Olive oil will go a long way, I would say at least 15 times before you need to reload more olive oil on the sponge. I have successfully refilled the sponge over 8 times before the sponge starts to crumble after which it's time to get a new sponge or you can even use an ordinary sponge, say from your wife's or girlfriend's makeup kit.

You need to use a porous sponge though as the dense ones will not be saturated with the olive oil and your shoes will be an oily mess and not as immaculate looking.

I normally have about 4 to 5 sets of sponges around the house for different colored shoes and also a couple for my travel.

Note: Virgin Olive Oil is good on your shoes and it conditions and retains the softness texture of the shoes or belt and make them go a long way. Do Not use any mineral oil or other edible/non-edible oils as they may simply ruin your shoes.