Introduction: Repurposed Tyres Chairs

In this Instructable we will be showing you how to make a chair out of a repurposed tyre.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

For this project, the materials that you will need to get are;

  • A Repurposed Tyre ( Preferably without the metal parts )
  • Fabric
  • Rope or Paint
  • Pillow
  • Stuffing
  • Wood
  • Sewing Machine - or you could sew by hand if you want to
  • Sand Paper
  • Something To Cut The Wood
  • Glue Gun

For this, we will be making our own pillow but you can use an old one or you could buy a new one.

Step 2: Measure the Tyre Size on the Fabric

If you are going to make your own pillow;

The size of the pillow will depend on the size of the tyre so measure the tyre so it will fit properly.

When drawing the circle on the fabric be sure to leave some room around the outside so that when you sew the fabric there is room to be a seam allowance.

We measured our tyre for the circumferences of both the inside of the tyre and the outside. The size of our tyre was 580mm for the outside circumference, 370mm for the inside circumference and 190mm for the height of the tyre, and we cut our fabric to 380mm circumference. Make sure you cut out two of the circles of fabric.

Step 3: Sew the Pillow

If you are going to make your own pillow;

Once you have measured the size of your tyre onto your pillow you need to cut the circle out of both of the two pieces of fabrics. Once they are both cut out, you need to sew them both together. You can use a sewing machine like we did or you could try to sew it by hand.

Make sure that you are careful when using either method.

Step 4: Remove the Metal Rim From the Tyre

If the tyre you have has got the metal rim from inside the tyre still in it you will need to take it out for this project. The tyre that we got didn't have one.

Step 5: Decorate the Tyre

When decorating the tyre you can do one of two methods. These methods are;

1. You could paint the tyre with a paint that matches the pillow you have either made or brought. You might have to paint several coats of the paint depending on which type of paint you got.

2. You could do what we did and wrap your tyre with rope the colour of your pillow. If you use the rope you will need to use a glue gun to hot glue the rope to the tyre and that will make it secure.

Step 6: Make the Wooden Base

Most tyres are able to support the weight of a human being without the metal part in it so we don't need to put anything in the tyre, so we are going to put a wooden circle on top of the tyre so the pillow has something to sit on.

We got a wooden plank and cut it into three shorter pieces then we glued them together. Once they had dried for a couple of days we drew a circle that was the size of our tyre and we cut it out.

We then glued it to the top of the tyre.

Step 7: Attach the Pillow

Once all the other steps are done you can glue the pillow to the wooden top. You can staple it, hot glue gun it, or use any other form of glue to stick it to the wooden base.