Introduction: Dieselpunk Vegetable Steamer Desk Lamp

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 Here is a quick and easy project you can do in 30 minutes with some objects you more than likely have in your home. Just about every home has an extra desk lamp stored away or you can find one cheaply priced at a second hand store. A new veggie steamer can be purchased for a couple bucks at the grocery or dollar store.

 I first saw a lamp like this on a recycling web site and thought it would be a cool project. It only took about 30 electrical wiring was needed, at least not in this case...just be sure to unplug the lamp. This particular desk lamp was from Ikea...not sure of the model name, it was bought some years ago. The vegetable steamer came from the Dollar Store.

Materials used -
  • One small desk lamp
  • One small light bulb (Largebulb will not look proper IMO)
  • One stainless vegetable steamer
  • Tin snips/ Metal cutters and pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • JB Weld (Metal to Metal Adhesive or similar epoxy)

Step 1:

 The light shade had one small screw holding it in, that was taken out and then the lamp shape simply twisted off. The lamp shade was then repurposed as a votive holder! Lil' added bonus. :)

Step 2:

 Next I took some tin-snips and cut a hole in the back of the strainer so it would fit over the light socket. I cut it in a manner so it would form a lip which would then fit snug against the lamps metal housing. Basicaly I just "winged it" on this part. Pretty simple so far....

 Once I got the hole made and it wedged up snug in the metal housing I took it back out and applied JB Weld generously inside the lip and set it back in to dry. Once completely set and secure it was finished, bulb put in and set back on the table. DONE!

Eventually I will put a nicer bulb in there, but this was all that was around the house at the time. A normal size bulb looked horribly large!

Have fun building your version and post up some pics! :)

Step 3:

Here are some additional pictures of different shadows cast on the walls...I like it! I did manage to find a lower watt bulb and put that in.

Thanks for looking. Feel free to comment. :)

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