Repurposing Coffee Maker As a Planter




Introduction: Repurposing Coffee Maker As a Planter

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In case you have a Coffee Maker that does not function any more , follow this instructable to make a planter which you can use in your kitchen for that wow factor !

Use the decanter below to water the plant and to collect the access water from the plant after watering.

Add an color changing LED below the decanter to give you the color changing effect as show in the picture above.

And since it is holiday time, add a few light weight decorative items to the plant ..

Step 1: Breaking Down the Coffee Maker

Break down the coffee maker and salvage the parts you will need as shown in the picture

For this you will need

  • screw drivers
  • plier
  • scissors

Remove the hot plate from the bottom where you can place a LED.

Step 2: Putting the Parts Together

Now put the parts together , with a screw driver.

And use super glue and sugru where ever required to steady the structure in place

Let the super glue and sugru dry up..

Use electrical tape to cover any open holes left behind while removing the hot plate.

Step 3: Preparing the Decanter

Using super glue attach the aquarium ornament to the base of the decanter

Pour some cold tap water for a quick test.

Step 4: Preparing Base for the Plant

Cut up a 2 liter coke bottle to fit the coffee holder

Once you have checked that the top of the bottle fits snug into the coffe holder ,place coffee filter and bottle in a glass and add some potting soil.

Water the plant till all the soil is wet and some of it drips into the glass.

Before you place the plant in the decanter add a couple of filters to filter the prevent the sand from going into the decanter

Finally place the plat in the coffee holder and water again to test that the water filters through .

Step 5: Adding a LED

I managed to salvage a USB triggered LED from an old toy.

Add the usb color changing LED to the bottom , just below where the decanter will be placed

Secure the LED using electrical tape and super glue if required

Step 6: Add the Plant

Now since holiday season just got started , add some decorative things to the plant.

Ensure that the decorative items are light so that it does not impact the plant.

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    7 years ago

    Nice idea..will be useful in the holiday seasons!!!

    Chopper Rob
    Chopper Rob

    7 years ago

    How about a fish in the bottom? Somehow I could see this turning into an aquaponics rig.


    Reply 7 years ago

    Totally what I was thinking. Micro aquaponics.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Interesting project. I was going to ask what type of flowers/ berries those were before I realized they were decorative add ons!