Introduction: Repurposing Refrigerator Shelves and Bins

This weekend the refrigerator stopped working, a new one was purchased and the old one was scrapped. Before it was hauled off I removed all the shelving and bins.

A bin was dedicated to holding my layout tools, ruler, tape, squares, marking gauge, caliper, and compass. Previously these items were on the bench usually at the bottom of the heap..

I also mounted some of the bins to the wall under the phone shelf, to hold safety equipment, glasses, ear plugs, ear muffs, and dust mask.

These bins will not hold heavy items like screws, bolts, and nut, but work well for wooden dowels, biscuits, and dominos.

The glass shelves with brackets will be used for shelves above my sink for soap and by the lawn mower for oil storage. The glass shelves will be easily to keep clean.

Step 1: Adding a Cleat to the Bin for Hanging on the Wall

A 2x2 cleat is added to the bottom of the bin, it is attached with 1/2" washer head screws. To attach the 2x2 to the bottom of the bin. Lay the bin and 2x2 on your bench, then using a spacer block clamp the bin to the 2x2, drill and insert screw ( approximately 2" spacing). Then screw the 2x2 cleat to the wall and install screws to the top edge of the bin ( 3 places)

The shelf brackets are installed just like any cantilevered shelf bracket.

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