Introduction: Rescue Off-screen Windows Instantly (Windows and Linux)

When a program is moved off-screen - maybe to a second monitor which is no longer connected - you need a quick and easy way to move it to the current monitor. This is what I do -

NOTE --- I have blurred the images for privacy.

Step 1: Select the Window You Want to Rescue With ALT+TAB

Hold down ALT and press TAB repeatedly. This cycles through thumbnail images of all windows even if they are off-screen or minimized. Release both keys when you highlight the window you want to rescue.

Step 2: Move the Window to Your Screen With WIN+LEFT

Hold the WINDOWS flag key down and press (arrow key) CURSOR LEFT a few times until the window is visible. Release the keys. The recovered window will stay visible, and other windows will be offered for rescue.

Step 3: Select Another Window for Rescue

Click on the second window you want to rescue and it will be placed next to the first.

Step 4: Two Windows Rescued in a Just Few Seconds!

Repeat the actions for other off-screen windows, and you're done.

Note that you can use the WINDOWS key with the arrow keys to park rescued (active) windows to any part of the screen.

Sometimes the off-screen program may be waiting for a user response, so try pressing ESCAPE or ENTER to dismiss it. If all esle fails close the program using Task Manager, then reopen it normally.