Introduction: Rescue Training Dummy

This may seem odd, but I needed a rescue dummy to train with, Finding these things to be crazy expensive I opted to make my own.

Step 1: Materials

Materials used:

Inflatable Costume Mannequin (look on Amazon)

Small pair of coveralls

Play sand

Gorilla tape and athletic tape.

Flexible Electrical conduit

Foam pipe insulation

Nylon cable ties

Step 2: The Build

I sewed all the pockets and cuffs shut on the coveralls.

I made an opening in the vinyl dummy with a soldering iron,

Wrap the flexible conduit with the pipe insulation and zip tie it together to make a rough skeleton. The skeleton makes the dummy handle a little more like a person, it also reinforces the dummy when picking it up under the arms or by the arms.

Fit the skeleton into the dummy, then fill the thing with sand. I used three bags for about 150 pounds. I dont think I can get any more sand into the dummy. You can make it heavier by wetting the sand...

Pull the dummy shut and seal it up with Gorrilla tape. I reinforced the dummy with athletic tape. Wrap it up good, you don't want it bursting open.

Fit the dummy into the coveralls.

Step 3: Last Notes

Watch the dummy for wear- Reinforce the coveralls with duct-tape, or fit the dummy (coveralls and all) into new coveralls before it wears through the vinyl dummy.

My total cost was about $50. This is a fraction of the cost of a commercial rescue dummy.