Introduction: Resin Chopsticks

Use wood and resin to create beautiful and functional chopsticks


Resin; epoxy & hardener

Wooden Sticks

Resin coloring powder


Buffering materials

Wooden stirring sticks

Plastic cups


Hot glue

Box cutter

Step 1: Length of Chopsticks

Decide how long you want your chopsticks to be

Mark this spot with a box cutter

Break the sticks at this spot to create a splinter effect

Make sure each stick is the same length

Step 2: Prepare Resin

Get your resin coloring powder and put the colors you want in a plastic cup

Add one pump of hardener


Add one pump of epoxy

Mix again

Step 3: Create Mold and Pour

Use clear tape to make a tube at the same end of the stick as the splintered wood

Use hot glue to secure all seams so the resin doesn't leak

Pour resin into the tube and tape each stick up vertically

Allow to cure for about 24 hours

Step 4: Shape Chopsticks

Use sandpaper and a box cutter to remove the tape

Sand down to your preferred shape

Start with course sand paper and work down to fine sandpaper

Step 5: Buffer

Use buffing wax with buffing pads

Cover the pad with red wax and rub into each stick

Repeat again with blue wax

Use a clean pad to remove the wax

Dip one pad in wood oil and rub into each stick

Use another clean pad to clean the oil

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