Introduction: Resin Koi Pond

I made this koi pond because I was very excited to finally have some resin to use, this is my first resin piece, and I am very happy to be able to show people how I made it, I hope that you enjoy my project, thank you!


Resin, Polymer Clay, Hot glue, Pebbles/ Rocks, Container, Sand, school glue.

Step 1: Rocks

First, you take a container, some pebbles or small rocks, and some hot glue. Start gluing the pebbles around the outside of your container. Make sure to cover all of the gaps for a more natural look.

Step 2: Clay

Next, take pieces of polymer clay and make koi fish (or any other kind of fish), bake the clay, and set them to the side, you can also make some details, like grass, and lily pads

Step 3: Sand

Then, take sand and some glue of your choice (I used mod podge). Mix the two together, then spread them across the bottom of your container.

Step 4: Resin

Finally, mix the two parts of your epoxy resin together according to package instructions, and pour into your mold, wait about forty-five minutes, then add your lily pads, the waiting is important, to ensure that they don't sink into the resin. Then all you have to do is wait for it to harden overnight, enjoy!

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