Introduction: Resin Magnets

Old plastic bottle caps filled with colored resin and turned into lovely refrigerator magnets

Step 1: Pour Equal Parts of Each Bottle of Resin

Step 2: Pour First Cup In

Step 3: Pour Second Cup In

Step 4: Add Color

Step 5: Add Color

Step 6: Mix Resin & Color

Step 7: Mix

Step 8: Mix

Step 9: Mix

Step 10: Mix

Step 11: UNTIL IT'S ALL MIXED (no Swirls)

Step 12: Pour Into Bottle Caps

Step 13: Pour

Step 14: Pretty

Step 15: Lay Them Out to Dry

Step 16: More Colors

Step 17: More Colors

Step 18: More Colors

Step 19: Colors!!!

Step 20: All the Colors

Step 21: THE COLORS!!! Do Not Disturb Until Completely Dry (up to 24 Hours)

Make sure they are laying completely flat while they are drying.

Step 22: Super Strong Magnets and Hot Glue Gun

Step 23: Lil Bead of Hot Glue

Step 24: Stick Lil Magnet On

Step 25: Now You Have Beautiful Resin Magnets!

Step 26: TA-DA!!