Resin River Table-Top

Introduction: Resin River Table-Top

We decided to make a river resin table top. Making a table is far more cost efficient than buying one. We have been thinking about using resin for quite some time now in out many projects, and we were finally able to incorporate it into the is project. The project incorporates abstract designs and is aesthetically pleasing.


Resin Part A

Resin Part B

Resin Dye

Wood for table top

Wood for box

Wood Glue

Rubber Gloves

Hot Glue Gun

Heat Gun/Blow Torch

Basic Shop Tools

Stirring Rod



Wood Stain

Air Compresser w/ hose

Step 1: Step 1: Prepping the Table

In this step, we cut out the middle section of the table. We used a bandsaw, and angled the saw table to make the wood look like a riverbed. We made many ridges and curves in the wood so that it looked realistic, like a river. After cutting, we sanded the two halves, and stained them.

Step 2: Step 2: Making the Box

In this step, we made a box. The box is meant to hold the wood when the resin is being poured in and around it. We made the box to fit the exact size of the two halves, while also leaving room in the middle to make the river. We made it out of thin quarter inch wood to make it easy to remove once the resin was dry. Using wood glue and clamps, we made the box. Once dried, we put hot glue along all of the seams so that no resin would leak out.

Step 3: Step 3: Pouring

Before mixing the resin, we used compressed air to blow all dust and particles off of the tabletop and box. We them put the wood into the box, leaving the gap in the middle empty.

Next, we mixed equal parts of the A resin with the B resin. We then dropped in 2 beads of blue dye, and mixed thoroughly. Once mixed, we gently poured the resin into the center area, while using a heat gun to remove air bubbles. We repeated this pouring process until the resin was level with the wood

**Be sure to keep the box still and level to not have any cracks or bumps.

After a 24 hour drying period, we blew off the table top and poured another coat of clear resin on top of the table, again, using the heat gun for air bubbles. We then let it dry for another 24 hours.

Step 4: Step 4: Removing Tabletop From Box

When the resin dried, it was stuck to the box as well. Using a table saw, we cut the sides of the box off of the table. We used the planer to cut the bottom of the box off. Finally, we sanded parts of the table that were still a little rough.

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    3 years ago

    Hey, looks great!

    What kind of class lets you make stuff like this!?? I'm jealous and wish I had this opportunity back when I was in school! : )