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What is it about waves??

Whatever it is, I can say without any doubt, they are extraordinarily stunning and calming. This Ible comes on the heels of my other, fun way to create 3D freeform waves in resin. The difference between the two ironically is their form. The very thing that nature creates so splendidly, we now get to play a minute roll in, with resin. Forming the Shaper Sheet in a little different way yields yet another special wave. These waves are yours 365 days a year.
No matter where you live you can bring a wave into your environment.

Of course, this wave also adds a glowing effect resembling breathtaking bioluminescent life. With every agitation of the water, the glows become more alive, showing us that when it comes to our Planet we are just one tiny speck in the scheme of things.

So come with me and let's create something fun, beautiful and all our own.

Here is my other wave video.


Drawing of concept ( measurements for the finished piece )

Shaper Sheet (Available from Me) or online various suppliers.

Something soft to lay SS on when detailing(a piece of Eva foam or towel)

Popsicle sticks ( for detailing SS and mixing resin)

Disposable containers small and large (for mixing resin)


Clear vinyl table cloth ( sold by the yard at craft stores)

Pliers( for compressing edges of SS)

Spray adhesive (optional)

Packing tape(optional)

Safe work area Gloves and protective wear

Resin colorants( tints, alcohol Ink, Mica powders, etc.)

Glow pigments or LED (for lighting project)

Epoxy Resin ( Liquid Diamonds use code: The Juliart for 20% off $20 or more.)

Crystals, gems, etc for added details ( optional)

Alcohol for cleanups

Hot glue gun and glue

Uv resin or superglue (optional)

Stand for waveMetal stands.

Step 1: Design and Form

This beginning step depends on how you will display your finished piece. With many possibilities I chose this basic crescent metal display. We will take the stand and mark out on paper the curve. This will give us the outer edge of our wave. (See pictures) Cutout and fit into stand to check fit.

Let’s move on to the Shaper Sheet. This is a universal modeling material that can be used for many creative projects. It’s duel capability’s make for quick and easy forming. To learn more about this product please view my other Instructables. For this project it is our Mother Mold /mold that can be reused. We will be working on the foil side so let’s move on.

Cut a piece a little larger that design. Note: The wave should be traced in reverse depending on which side you want the splash on. The SS will hold in the details that will appear in the casting.

Once you have chosen the layout, place your SS onto a padded surface this will aid in creating puffy designs. Take a smooth ended tool, trace and scribe on the pattern. Pay close attention ,not to poke holes in the SS. Now trim around the design leaving about 1 to 2 inches this will be the raised edge to hold in the resin ,it also allows for you to gauge the end thickness of the wave disk.

Now we all know in order to bend a flat sheet up for a curve we need to change the plain so small cuts are added around the edge up to the scribed design. Please see pictures.

Once the edges are folded upward you can tape around it to lock into place and to protect the vinyl in the next step.

Next cut a piece of vinyl just a bit bigger that SS mother mold form. Spray adhesive onto the foil then lay on vinyl, a heat tool can help make the vinyl softer and more pliable. Cut into the center area and up to the edge to form a very clean and close bond to the SS. The resin will easy to release from the vinyl.

Check everything over before moving to next step.

Step 2: Mix and Pour Resin

When working with two part epoxy please have a clean well protected area, room temperature of at least 78 degrees F and have adequate protection. I use Liquid Diamonds, it has no odor and the viscosity is like water allowing for a quick release of bubbles. Do your research cheap isn’t better and clarity is very important.

For this project a 24 ounce kit was used. You can calculate volume if you need to know close amounts needed,

I placed our 4 small sauce cups to mix colors and one large container for the clear. Mix as directed on the product. You will need resin colorants and glow in the dark ,blue, aqua or white.

Mix the clear and pour into the cups, add a toothpick of colorant until you get your desired colors. I did a

semi-transparent White , cobalt blue , a blue green and aqua blue glow in the dark.

See pictures and video . Just pour starting at the point end with darker and work to light ,add glow to the splash end, blending some into the blue. Play with it, till you get the look you want.

Let it cure . It can be removed while it is still flexible or wait for full cure. Thinner material tends to take a little longer.

Step 3: Unmold and Finish

At this point (24 hours later) the wave should be ready to remove from SS and the vinyl. Look your sculpture over decide what areas you want to cleanup. I trimmed the splash just a little to get a better looking curve. You should have your glue gun ready plus all the ornaments ( acrylic crystals, Glass glitter, UV resin etc.)

Squeeze out a little glue to the top edge and wave section, sprinkle on Gems, let cool add more building up the froth. Then UV resin and white glow in the dark powders are mixed together and applied to the froth area. Cure with the UV Lamp. Brush more clear UV resin and sprinkle on more gems and cure again.

Do this until you achieve the look you are going for.

Tip: when you mix glow powders in the two part Epoxy, you can charge with light and then put in dark to Check for your desired glow before pouring.

Congratulations! The beautiful wave is ready to take its place upon the stand . We’re undoubtedly it will bring you much relaxed enjoyment.

Thank you for viewing this Ible and for voting. Here’s to creating outside the box!
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