Introduction: Resistive Touch Screen on Raspberry Pi

What you need kivy on touchscreen

A Raspberry Pi An sd card with Raspbian (Jessie) installed

A touch screen

A keyboard

*this is for resistive touch screen controller AR1100*

Step 1: Expend Sd Card

Step 1: Expend sd card


fdisk -l 

and check how much your sd card is available

nano /usr/bin/raspi-config if [ "$PART_NUM" -ne 2 ]; then to if [ "$PART_NUM" -ne 3 ]; then 
Ctrl +x

and exit.

sudo raspi-config and expend filesystem 

*if you don't expend sd card and download other things, your Pi will be crushed.

Step 2: Calibrating Touch Screen/ Install Kivy

Activating touchscreen

I used a resistive touchscreen with AR1100 controllar.

Let's calibratethe Microchip AR1100 from the Raspberry Pi (Raspbian):

sudo apt-get install git make g++ libusb-1.0-0-dev libgtk2.0-dev cd ../rpi-AR1100/ make sudo chmod +x AR1100 sudo ./AR1100 -c 9 sudo ./AR1100 -c 9

It connected to AR1100 as USB mouse.

git clone 

move pyo to module folder.

Install Kivy

sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install libsdl2-dev libsdl2-image-dev libsdl2-mixer-dev libsdl2-ttf-dev \    pkg-config libgl1-mesa-dev libgles2-mesa-dev \    python-setuptools libgstreamer1.0-dev git-core \    gstreamer1.0-plugins-{bad,base,good,ugly} \    
gstreamer1.0-{omx,alsa} python-dev cython  
git clone 
cd kivy  python build  
sudo python install 

Calibrate touch screen

If you are using a touch display, you need to configure Kivy to use it as an input source. To do this, edit the file ~/.kivy/config.ini

and go to the [input] section. Add this:

mouse = mouse 
mtdev_%(name)s = probesysfs,provider=mtdev 
hid_%(name)s = probesysfs,provider=hidinput 

Step 3: Running Demo/ Another Example

step 5:Running Demo

cd kivy/examples/demo/showcase python

If touch screen works crazy(like mouse move up side down) then try:

cd ~ cd kivy nano ~/.kivy/config.ini

or, in kivy/input/providers/ add:

if button in ('left', 'scrollup', 'scrolldown') and cur and not ( 

-                'ctrl' in modifiers) or self.disable_multitouch:
+        if (button in ('left', 'scrollup', 'scrolldown') or 
+                self.disable_multitouch) and cur and not ('ctrl' in modifiers):

step 6: Another Example with LED lights

pi@raspberrypi ~ $ git clone
cd rpi-kivy-screen/ sudo python

Step 4: