Resize Projects of Laser Cut for Different Material Thickness

Introduction: Resize Projects of Laser Cut for Different Material Thickness

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How to resize project plan of laser cut for different material thickness

We make projects mainly for 3,2 mm (1/8 inch) material thickness.
But you have material other thickness?
There is fast and simple method to resize project for your thickness.

Step 1: Calculation

Percentage = (New_thickness / Original_thickness) * 100

1) Open project file 3,2 mm
2) Select All elements
3) Scale to X% proporcionally
4) Done!

For material thickness 3,0 mm:X = (3 / 3,2) * 100 = 94%
For material thickness 4,0 mm:X = (4 / 3,2) * 100 = 125%

Of cource, dimensions of final product will be decreaced for thiner and increaced for thicker materials.

Step 2: Advise

If you have plan for 3.2 mm.
But you have slightly thicker material i.e. 3.3 mm.
Connecting details will be very tightly.
Use this metod.
Scale up to 103% and details will fit perfect.
At the same time, dimensions of product practically will not changed.

Step 3: Examples

Step 4: Welcome to Cartonus for New Ideas!

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