Introduction: Resonant Wireless Power Transfer Workshop

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In this presentation we're going to use the $7 ZVS drivers made for induction heating to provide wireless power for LEDs in your fish tank, toy cars that are powered from under the track, charging your smart watch with a loop in the steering wheel of your car and another in your watch band (good coupling :) )...Etc.

First draft of slides so go easy on me...

Step 1: Introduction to Wireless Power

Step 2: Mutual Inductance and Resonance

Step 3: DC Source

Step 4: Oscillator

Step 5: Oscillator Continuted...

Step 6: Oscillator Waveforms of Interest.

Step 7: TX Loop

Step 8: TX Loop Continued.

Step 9: TX Loop Continued.

Step 10: A Little on Resonance...

Step 11: A Little More on Resonance.

Step 12: Our TX Loop Resonance. 8A RMS!?!? WOW.

Step 13: Moving on to RX Side

Step 14: Multiply by N^2 Huh?

The advanced workshop will go over error of the approximations used in this workshop as compared to FEM.

Step 15: RX Coil Detail

Step 16: Resonance Calculation

Step 17: Rectifiers

Step 18: Future Slides Todo

Step 19: Ack...

Step 20: