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This model was made to participate in James Develin's student design challenge. This is what I imagined a flexible gym space for seriously injured athletes would look like. It includes a room for Yoga and dumbbell training, as well as sauna rooms and an area to practice forms of Tai chi. For my design I decided to focus on activities that would build up in benefits over time in a more relaxed manner and not be too harsh on injuries.


- 3D Design Workspace in Tinkercad

Step 1: Step 1: Making the Layout

As the challenge when making this was to make it injury-friendly, I wanted to make a space that would allow visitors to easily move around while also keeping the design elements I wanted. I ended up with this layout after fully considering how the spaces would be used. I put the sauna rooms and area for tai chi in the front room as I believed they would be the more eye-catching rooms to get people passing interested. The entrance to the sauna rooms is next to the front desk to make it easier to regulate how many people are inside at a time, and the small rooms in the very back are restrooms.

Step 2: Step 2: Making Larger Items

I first made the pieces that would not be mobile in the gym, so the front desk and sauna rooms. The desk has two levels, one lower to make it easier to distribute items (like towels for the sauna-) and another higher towards the door. This way, the desk will look neater when someone first walks in, and other items that you would need there but not be particularly pleasing could go on the shorter level. The Sauna room has ridged seats (which I only added to show texture-) and a sauna rocks in the center inside of a small pit.

Step 3: Step 3: Equipment

I used a multipoint cylinder and a cylinder to create the dumbbells, and stretched and positioned squared to make the rack. The yoga mats are simply flat rounded squared sized to a rectangle. Lastly, the chairs where made completely with different sized and positioned rounded squares, with the black detailing on the bottom being a rounded squared cut in half. Again, I didn't want any tools or equipment to strain the visitors, so I kept it at that.

Step 4: Step 4: Small Details

Lastly, I placed a stack of towels near the entrance of the sauna on the lower level of the front desk. To the right of the entrance, I also made vending machines and a trash can. In the vending machines, water and high hydration sports drinks would be best. They would be the most ideal for keeping visitors more healthy, and helping them recover. Also, in areas set aside for Yoga or Tai chi, there are small bars on the walls to help anyone who may need it to prop themselves up.

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